Limitations of Practice as a Nurse Practitioner in Wyoming - 2024

by Staff

Updated: February 12th, 2024

Based on legislation and guidelines, states provide full, reduced, or restricted practice environments. Working as a Certified Nurse Practitioner (CNP) in a state with a full practice environment is ideal. You will not have to collaborate with a physician, and you’ll be free to diagnose, treat, and manage patient care under your license. As you can imagine, your on-the-job satisfaction will be at its highest when working in such a state.  

The other two types of practice environments limit what you can do. A reduced practice environment lessens your authority in some areas of practice. Meanwhile, you’ll be completely shut out of certain areas of practice if you work in a state with a restricted practice environment. 

Fortunately, Wyoming grants nurse practitioners full practice authority. Thus, you will have full autonomy and control when practicing and will not have to collaborate with a physician. CNPs in other states are tasked with urging legislators to increase their authority. Since you don’t have to worry about that, you can put your entire focus on caring for patients.

While you have to meet lots of requirements to work as a CNP in Wyoming, it’s well worth the hard work since you’ll enjoy a rewarding career with full autonomy when you finish. Thus, begin working toward your RN and CNP licenses so you can begin practicing in the state.