Wyoming Nurse Practitioner Licensure - 2024 Guide


by NursePractitionerLicense.com Staff

Updated: February 13th, 2024

If you pursue a career as a certified nurse practitioner (CNP) in Wyoming, you’ll play a major role in the state’s healthcare system. CNPs in the state have the authority to evaluate, diagnose, and treat patients while also managing their care plans. Additionally, they can do so without collaborating with a physician, meaning they have more responsibilities and freedom than CNPs in many other states.

The Wyoming State Board of Nursing wants to ensure that each CNP has the skills and experience necessary to provide top-notch care. Thus, it has numerous requirements in place to become a CNP, starting with obtaining a license to work as a registered nurse (RN). After getting your RN license, you can continue your education and receive national certification. Then you’ll be ready to finalize the process of obtaining your CNP license to practice in the state.

Because Wyoming is part of the Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC), you’ll be able to use your license to practice in other participating states. Only a handful of states have yet to join the NLC, and some have pending legislation, meaning they might participate soon. However, Wyoming is an excellent place to work as a CNP, so you might prefer staying in a state where you’ll enjoy full practice authority.

First, you have to follow the steps to become a CNP, starting with getting your RN license. The Wyoming State Board of Nursing is available to assist you and answer questions. You can reach out to the board by calling 307-777-7601.

You can also use this guide as a resource as you begin your path toward a career as a CNP. It outlines the steps you must take and goes over the licensing fees. Let’s begin by going over the process of becoming a licensed RN.

Wyoming NP Licensing & Scope of Work