Limitations of Practice as a Nurse Practitioner in Oklahoma - 2024

by Staff

Updated: February 12th, 2024

Nurse practitioners in Oklahoma cannot function outside healthcare teams headed by a physician and they are restricted in the ability to carry out at least one of the elements of nurse practitioner (NP) practice. They work based on delegation and must be under career-long supervision. This is as a result of the “restricted practice” regulatory structure operated in the state.

It is expected that such an environment limits the ability of an NP to give their best towards patient care. There is reduced responsibility and autonomy for NPs which could hamper job satisfaction and performance in the long run.

The National Academy of Medicine identifies the “full practice” structure as the suitable option in an ever progressive world. Full practice allows NPs to apply their skills liberally in helping patients. NPs nationwide are joining and creating conversations around the implementation of the full structure. This should be helpful and we should see more states make the transition as we go on.