Ohio Nurse Practitioner Salary Guide - 2024


by NursePractitionerLicense.com Staff

Updated: November 8th, 2023

The Buckeye State makes the top five in most-popular states for nurse practitioners to work in the nation. With nearly 10,000 licensed NPs, there must be something about Ohio that makes it an attractive choice for health professionals. We’re not sure it’s the salary though, coming in at nearly ten grand below the national average at $117,440 (Bureau of Labor Statistics - 2022) in annual mean wage.

Ohio Nurse Practitioner Salaries – Visualized

Nurse Practitioners Salaries in urban areas of Ohio

Metro Area# EmployedMean Salary
Akron, OH620$116,390
Canton-Massillon, OH330$108,080
Cincinnati, OH-KY-IN1,990$119,530
Cleveland-Elyria, OH1,930$125,300
Columbus, OH2,430$116,300
Dayton, OH860$116,220
Lima, OH130$110,920
Mansfield, OH110$108,060
Springfield, OH90$111,860
Toledo, OH630$114,720
Youngstown-Warren-Boardman, OH-PA360$107,930
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics - 2022

Nurse Practitioners Salaries in rural areas of Ohio

Metro Area# EmployedMean Salary
West Northwestern Ohio nonmetropolitan area320$119,020
North Northeastern Ohio nonmetropolitan area520$115,920
Eastern Ohio nonmetropolitan area320$112,500
Southern Ohio nonmetropolitan area300$117,100
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics - 2022

Increase Your Nurse Practitioner Salary in Ohio

No matter what your reason for choosing Ohio, you can increase your nurse practitioner salary. The top 25th percentile of earners have proven it by taking in an average of nearly $130,000 (Bureau of Labor Statistics - 2022) annually, significantly surpassing the national average. That’s not even the limit, some nurse practitioners in Ohio are making as much as $135,890 (Bureau of Labor Statistics - 2022) per year in the 90th percentile.

Despite being reduced-practice, requiring a Standard Care Arrangement with a physician, the state does provide many resources to ensure the success of its nurse practitioners. This leads us to our first piece of advice to increase your NP salary in Ohio.

Take advantage of Free Resources

The more informed you are of the current laws, practices, and guidelines both within your state and nationally, the better you’re able to make decisions that benefit your money-making goals. In Ohio, you don’t have to pay for an expensive membership in a nursing association to receive these briefings.

OH Board of Nursing APRN Links Can Give Direction

The Ohio Board of Nursing works for you to bring relevant information right to your home. Their website has an incredible amount of substance that is posted specifically for nurse practitioners. Check out their APRN practice resource links which include topics such as licensure, scopes of practice, changes, decision-making models, board statements on current issues, and more.

Seasonal Nursing Publication Can Bring Leads

On their website, you’ll also find a seasonal online magazine; Momentum Magazine is the official publication of the Ohio Board of Nursing. Simply staying in the know by reading these publications will increase your opportunities to earn more as a nurse practitioner.

Samples of the type of content that is regularly included specifically for APRNs include:

  • “APRNs: Incorporating Other Boards Law and Rules” (Winter 2022)
  • “Quick Tip for APRN License Applicants” (Fall 2021)
  • “APRN Licensure and Practice in Ohio” (Summer 2021)

While Momentum is primarily focused on articles and legislative updates, it is also full of relevant job postings with sign-on bonuses and impressive salaries. Reading this free publication regularly can lead to an opportunity that otherwise would have been missed.

Workforce Data Gives Insight into APRN Trends

Another free resource available from the Ohio Board of Nursing is Workforce Data, which provides a report every two years to display and analyze the data from the licensure renewal period. Reviewing the report can be incredibly helpful if you are considering a drastic change to meet your financial goals. The workforce data provides insights on where APRNs are employed, including practice area, practice setting, and geographical location. The report can help you determine which areas to move towards.

The 2019 workforce report for APRNs showed:

  • Nearly half of APRNs in Ohio work in hospitals (in-patient care)
  • Less than 50 work in research
  • Less than 10 in policy, planning, and regulatory

Using these statistics to your advantage, you may be able to find a niche that has high demand; resulting in a significantly higher paycheck.


Increasing your nurse practitioner salary in the Buckeye State is just a matter of taking advantage of the excellent resources provided by the Ohio Board of Nursing.

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