Limitations of Practice as a Nurse Practitioner in Utah - 2023

Last Reviewed: March 29th, 2022

There are varying policies for the operation of nurse practitioners from state to state. Many state policies allow nurse practitioners (NPs) to maximize their full scope of practice as well as enjoy full autonomy on the job. Unfortunately, this isn’t so for others. Some states have a restricted practice policy. This policy limits NPs from practicing at least one role without the presence of a supervising physician. Other states bar NPs from performing at least some of these roles with or without a supervising physician called “Reduced Practice” policy. Utah is in this category. 

These policies, hinder access to healthcare, make healthcare more expensive, and reduce the job satisfaction of NPs. 

As a prospective NP in Utah, you can join other NPs in fighting for the initiation and implementation of full practice in the state. NPs in the American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP), Utah Nurses Association (UNA), and Utah Nurse Practitioners (UNP) work toward providing education about the situation of NPs in the state and drive campaigns for the abolition of the reduced practice policy in the state.