Limitations of Practice as a Nurse Practitioner in Florida - 2022

Last Reviewed: June 20th, 2022

Limitations of Practice are factors that affect the quality and quantity of services rendered by a CNP in Florida. Florida operates the restricted practice which means that nurse practitioners are restricted in at least one element of NP practice and are mandated to be part of a team managed by another healthcare professional, usually a doctor.

NPs are not allowed to practice by themselves and they must be in career-long collaborative agreements and work under the supervision of physicians. This kind of environment can affect an NP’s level of job satisfaction as they are not allowed to maximize their potential. 

The National Academy of Medicine ascribes the full practice model as the gold standard. If all states operate at such a level, nurse practitioners will be given more autonomy and responsibility for the clinical management of patients. They will be of particular usefulness at the primary healthcare level through preventive care and health education.

Nurses are advised to join advocacy efforts of the AANP and other associations towards shining more light on the need for full practice to be implemented in all states.