Limitations of Practice as a Nurse Practitioner in California - 2022

Last Reviewed: June 13th, 2022

Limitations of practice are a set of policies that reduce the quality of service offered by nurse practitioners in the healthcare system. The nurse practitioner education and certification essentially prepare NPs to make complex clinical management decisions on their own and manage clients on a more advanced level than RNs are allowed or equipped to.

California runs the restricted practice policy which requires NPs to be in career-long collaborative agreements with physicians. Hence, they are unable to practice on their own or carry out some necessary tasks without supervision.

The National Academy of Medicine ascribes the full practice policy as ideal as it allows NPs to maximize their potential and contribute immensely to the healthcare sector in their states. RNs and NPs are therefore encouraged to take part in advocacy and contribute to conversations towards the adoption of the full practice policy in all states in the country.