Limitations of Practice as a Nurse Practitioner in Arizona - 2022

Last Reviewed: June 11th, 2022

A nurse practitioner’s (NPs) education prepares them to cater to the health of one or more population foci, however, certain practice environments make this difficult for them. In Arizona, NPs are required to maintain career-long collaborative agreements with another healthcare practitioner, usually a physician. This is described as “reduced practice”. Such a practice environment doubles down on the skills and knowledge that an NP has obtained through rigorous training and experience over the years.

The AANP prescribes “full practice” as the goal for all states in the US. Full practice environments allow NPs more autonomy, allowing them to be responsible for the clinical management of certain patients as they have been trained, certified, and licensed to. Nurses and nurse practitioners are encouraged to partner with professional unions and agencies to hold conversations around the need for full practice to be implemented in all states.