Kentucky Nurse Practitioner Licensure Guide - 2024

by Staff

Updated: February 13th, 2024

Nurse Practitioner Licensing Guide for the state of Kentucky

Examining patients and making diagnoses based on tests are some tasks that are considered advanced for registered nurses (RN) but would pass as routine for advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) – Nurse Practitioners (NPs) are considered a subsection of APRNs.

APRNs are RNs who are licensed to carry out advanced procedures due to advanced training courses and possession of national certification. Many RNs find that the fulfillment and satisfaction they want in their job pushed them to make a transition to being an APRN. 

The Kentucky Board of Nursing (KBN) is responsible for issuing licenses to qualified nurses and APRNs following their satisfaction of certain requirements following state laws and the board’s rules. Eligible candidates send in applications all year long which usually includes the submission of a completed application form, payment of fees, and supporting documents as are required. The board is trusted with the duty of maintaining the quality of nursing services offered in the state. Hence, licensing is done with care and scrutiny.

To learn of the specifics of Kentucky NP licensing requirements, click the link below:

Kentucky NP Licensing & Scope of Work