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Virtual Shadowing

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Updated: March 1st, 2022

Virtual shadowing is fantastic opportunity for people to gain nurse practitioner career shadowing opportunities without having to cold call or deal with COVID issues while they exist.

How to use Virtual Shadowing

Virtual shadowing is a great way to gain job shadowing experience in a flexible and non-intrusive way. Following below to learn how to best use this resource.

Should I Become a Nurse Practitioner?

Deciding whether or not to pursue specific career pathways are difficult no matter what. It's never easy to know what you are getting into, but virtual shadowing provides first-hand opportunities to see what it's all about.

Watch Virtual Shadowing Nurse Practitioner Videos

Virtual Shadowing provides videos and assessments for many types of healthcare professionals, but mainly for physicians. Use the link below to sort their virtual shadowing videos and list nurse practitioner videos at the top.

Complete Assessments and Increase Your Chance of Being Accepted into Programs

Virtual Shadowing provides assessments at the end of their videos. There are QR codes you can use to access the assessments. Contact information for putting assessments on applications can be found on the following Virtual Shadowing about us and faq google document: