Tennessee Nurse Practitioner Salary Guide - 2024


by NursePractitionerLicense.com Staff

Updated: November 8th, 2023

The Volunteer State is home to the second-highest concentration of nurse practitioner jobs in the nation, with over 8,000 CNPs and jobs are projected to grow 34.7% from 2018 to 2028. The high location quotient can mean stiffer competition in the job market and lower than average wages. Tennessee actually ranks last in the nation for average income earned by nurse practitioners at $99,330 per year.

Despite these factors working against you, if you’ve decided to pursue a career in TN as a nurse practitioner, there are ways to make the most of your salary. This is evidenced by the top 10% of NP earners in Tennessee, who bring in over $131,820 per year. Let’s explore how to up your earnings.

Tennessee Nurse Practitioner Salaries – Visualized

Nurse Practitioners Salaries in urban areas of Tennessee

Metro Area# EmployedMean Salary
Chattanooga, TN-GA1,310$101,510
Clarksville, TN-KY280$102,160
Cleveland, TN180$82,970
Jackson, TN230$105,460
Johnson City, TN470$89,230
Kingsport-Bristol-Bristol, TN-VA500$95,280
Knoxville, TN1,830$93,810
Memphis, TN-MS-AR1,820$102,690
Morristown, TN120$96,440
Nashville-Davidson--Murfreesboro--Franklin, TN5,030$103,580
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics - 2022

Nurse Practitioners Salaries in rural areas of Tennessee

Metro Area# EmployedMean Salary
West Tennessee nonmetropolitan area470$94,480
South Central Tennessee nonmetropolitan area330$102,610
North Central Tennessee nonmetropolitan area430$99,630
East Tennessee nonmetropolitan area290$92,030
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics - 2022

Increase Your Nurse Practitioner Salary in Tennessee

Take Advantage of the Nurse Licensure Compact

As a nurse practitioner, you are first a registered nurse. This means that you can take advantage of the benefits offered by the Nurse Licensure Compact. Tennessee joined the enhanced compact in 2018, which allows RNs to obtain multistate licenses that are valid in participating states. Currently, only 5 states are not pending legislation to join the compact. This means that you can work nearly nationwide as an RN with a single license.

You can harness the power of the nurse licensure compact without having to travel or relocate. Telemedicine is included in the enhanced nurse licensure compact (eNLC), so you can work virtually out of state, in states where telemedicine is allowed, to increase or supplement your income. Find out more details on how this compact benefits you from the Tennessee Board of Nursing.

Relocate to Morristown or Memphis

If you’d rather increase your nurse practitioner income by finding a higher-paying in-person position, consider moving to one of the only two high-paying regions within Tennessee. In northeast Tennessee, Morristown has an average NP salary almost 20% more than the state average and higher than the national average. On the opposite corner of the state, Memphis nurse practitioners earn a healthy salary just below $110,000 annually. In a state with the 6th lowest cost of living, Tennessee can still be a lucrative landing pad for nurse practitioners.


You can indirectly increase your chances of raising your salary by utilizing state-provided resources. The Tennessee Board of Nursing, in particular, is a wealth of information. There are licensure reports which show how many new practitioners are licensed, legislative updates written in simple language that can be understood easily, and information on how to obtain and maintain your nursing licenses.

While the state is currently restricted in practice authority, you can also join advocacy groups to help advance the path toward FPA status; which would exponentially increase wage potential. One such organization is the Tennessee Nurse Practitioner Association. The group also holds annual conferences where you can network with colleagues to advance your career.


Tennessee is densely populated with nurse practitioners who earn a less than average salary. There are opportunities available to those who seek them to increase your earnings to an amount that significantly exceeds the national average. Take advantage of the resources provided in this article to explore your potential.

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