Terrance N. Ingraham Pediatric Optometry Residency Award

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June 1, 2023

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Updated: May 23rd, 2022

Scholarship Mission

To promote the practice and development of the field of Pediatric Optometry by providing incentive and support to sustain talented optometric residents who demonstrate a passion and commitment to practice, research, and education in the field of children’s vision.

Qualification Requirements

Applicants must be optometrists in an advanced practice pediatric/vision therapy residency program through a North American school or college of optometry.

How Winners are Selected

Applicants will be evaluated primarily on the basis of their educational background and their ability and potential as teachers, researchers, and practitioners in the field of pediatric optometry; preference will be given to applicants with an interest in the utilization of soft contact lenses in pediatric populations. Proposals will be reviewed by a peer review committee established by the American Optometric Foundation with the assistance of the American Academy of Optometry Binocular Vision, Perception, and Pediatric Optometry Section chairs.

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American Academy of Optometry
622 E Washington St., Ste. 300
Orlando, FL 32801

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